Living and Dying

Sorry you had to go, Grandma. The only difference between you and me is that we were born to different parents at a different time. I didn’t choose to be in this body and neither did you. So, for some reason, you died while I’m still here. It could have been the other way around, […]

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On Raindrops and Jellyfish

I felt the rain today. It sounds stupid, I know. But it was AWESOME!  When the water first hit my skin, there were the usual reactions “AGHGH! wet. cold. I’m uncomfortable.” But then I sat with that rain and just felt it. Pretty soon, there was no emotional reaction. And without the reaction, I was […]

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Thank You, Existence

Dear Existence, I believe in life. I will say it. And I am surprised that I don’t hear this everyday from every single person I talk to. I am amazed. Everyday I wake up I am amazed that my mind reasserts itself in the physical body from a dream world where I am floating around in some […]

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On Inspiration

  “We are standing on the shoulders of giants” I hear this quote wayyyyy too often and its more than just words, right? That’s the problem I’ve noticed in my life. We are on the shoulders of giants, yes, but we are so scared to jump off! I was at Hyatts today and saw a […]

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