On Raindrops and Jellyfish


I felt the rain today. It sounds stupid, I know. But it was AWESOME!  When the water first hit my skin, there were the usual reactions “AGHGH! wet. cold. I’m uncomfortable.” But then I sat with that rain and just felt it. Pretty soon, there was no emotional reaction. And without the reaction, I was there but I was not there. It was just my physical body. My neurons firing on my skin; a response; a physical expression. It felt…there’s no word for what it felt ‘like’, it just…felt.

What a cool point to take from raindrops! When we ‘feel’ a stimulus such as hearing another person speak or a physical touch, we immediately go into our mind trying to ‘figure it out’. Is it good? Is it bad? How do I feel? I think I’m angry or sad or whatever. We are so busy in our minds! We spend so much time labeling EVERYTHING.

We think about how that sensation fits our ideology; our set of beliefs. Then we judge whether we like it, if we are ‘comfortable’. And what do we do? We immediately react emotionally, mentally, and physically. But it is a reaction, not a physical response. If it agrees with our ideology, we react positively. If not, we react negatively. Reactions are mind games. And when we are in the mind, we are not here.

When we walk around reacting to everything, we strengthen these ideologies and we separate ourselves more and more from the physical expression or as I like to call it, the Bruce Lee inside. The physical is a really cool expression! It is our home. The endpoint of billions of years of evolution. How amazing is that?!?!?!

The jellyfish is a good example of physical presence. The creature floats through the water and it is transparent. It does not react with anger, or decide what is good or bad. It responds through physical movement. Physical expression is where its at. When we begin exhausting ourselves reacting to this and that and these and those. STOP. Just…Stop…and feel the rain.

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